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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 20, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. >> gerard: right now on "news 3 at 3:30" promising safety with a heavy focus on preventing terrorism here in the u.s. the presidential candidates say they are the best ones for job. how it could influence the outcome of the presidential race. >> they get one piece of cheese between two cold pieces of bread. >> marie: she's taking a stand. a cafeteria worker upset with her new school lunch policy.
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change things. >> gerard: and defining his legacy. a police officer forced to make a difficult choice. how he's using that decision to make his life better. . >> marie: the father of the man suspected of planting homemade bombs in new york and new jersey said he had no idea his son was planning the attacks. >> gerard: he spoke only to nbc news shortly after learning that his son was arrested. >> reporter: did you know your >> no. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> no idea. i'm not sure what happened exactly, but it's very hard right now to talk, okay? >> rahami has been charged now with five counts of attempted murder. investigators say they're still trying to determine his motive. >> there's little doubt the events of the weekend have gained traction in the presidential race. >> marie: hillary clinton and donald trump are battling over
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and state side. new at 3:30, national correspondent jeff barm in who can win in terrorism. >> both candidates are showing how they would navigate the country following terroist attacks after the bombings in new york and huge. >> i tell you if you choose donald trump, these problems are going to go away. >> we need steady leadership in a dangerous would employ tougher vetting procedures with more stringent profiling of immigrants. >> let me state very, very clearly. immigration security is national security. >> reporter: mrs. clinton calls for strengthening the u.s. visa program and more efficient intelligence gathering and touts her experience as former u.s. secretary of state. >> i'm the only candidate in this race that has been part of
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>> gerard: one recent poll shows 51% of the people think donald trump is better suited to fight terrorism compared to the 45% over hillary clinton. >> he could be overenthusiastic in reacting into it's clear terrorism will be a major discussion for both to win over the voters in a showdown. >> with hillary, you have stability and with donald trump, you get strength. that is how they will each define each other. >> reporting live in washington. >> marie: this lead to the question of the day, we want to know what you think? which of the presidential candidates do you trust okeep america safe? head to to weigh
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>> more on terrorism from the terrorism alert desk. . >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. coalition forces in iraq have retaken isis stronghold near mosul, which is a step to liberate the cities under isis control. in france, eight more people have been arrested with connection of the attack in were killed. five reporters behind bars in connection to the attack. airstrikes hit the convoy overnight in what was supposed to be a humanitarian cease-fire and at least 20 aide workers were killed and precious supplies destroyed. from the terrorism alert desk, i'm michelle marsh. >> marie: a former republican president may be voting for
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niece of john f. kennedy shared a photo on facebook of george h.w. bush and in the caption, she said the former president said he would vote for clinton and a spokesperson for bush did not confirm or deny the statements, but if true, this adds to the list of republican leaders speaking out against donald trump. >> some trump supporters are adding deplorable names, and they are forcing users to include deplorable and the profile names to change them because it violates the site's terms of service. some have embraced the moniker after hillary clinton said half of the trump supporters can be put in a basket of deplorables and clinton as since apologized for statement. >> there is new evidence that suggests letting kids trying eats foods like edition and
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prevent allergies with 150 studies focused on the timing of introducing allergic food and kids exposed to eggs four to six months were less likely to develop an allergy until those parents that waited until they were older. the parents should discuss the introduction of these foods with their child's doctor. >> k-mart plans to close 68 stores in 28 and they will start september 22nd and be closed by mid-december. the new wave of closures follows serious decisions to shut down nearly 80 stores, most of which were k-mart stores back in july. >> marie: two milwaukee police officers get rear-ended pay
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officer. 28-year-old lisa baker was they have booked baker for dui. she's also suspended from the force until the investigation is over. >> all right, medical malpractice of people walk around wearing those fitness monitors, you see them on the wrist all the time. >> new research shows that they may do nothing toee defies what you think is weight loss common sense, suggests wearing a fitness track tore tally the number of the steps you take in a day doesn't necessarily mean the numbers on the scale will come down. this doctor and his colleagues at the university of pittsburgh recruited more than 400 overweight and obese young adults.
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diet and they wore the monitor on the upper arm measuring energy extend expenditure. >> it's possible people started to rely on the wearable technologies a little more they know they should have, and the expense of paying better attention to their diet or physical activity. >> in other words, achieving a fitness goal is not an overindulge at meal time. those that did not rely on the fitness trackers lost and average of five additional pounds. erica edwards, nbc news. >> here's another one you got to hear, a cafeteria worker quits her job because of a new policy that punishes students that don't have money. she says the lunch policy requires her to give students that owed more than $25 a cold
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what's worse, she says students are still charged for cost of the a hot lunch, so instead of giving the students the cold lunches, she decided to quit. >> they get one slice of cheese between two cold pieces of bread that's not even toasted. what am i supposed to do, take their hot food and replace the food? >> you can see why she's so upset. the school district says the policy isig a statewide issue on a local level. >> let go of that eggo because some are being recalled. the kellogg company recalling 10,000 case of eggo waffles because they may be contaminated with listeria with the upc code and best of use by the date on the screen now.
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list that should have the waffles and this comes after routine tests identifies the potential for contamination. consumers should not feet product and contact kellogg for full refund. >> it turns out premium gas may not be as good as it's cracked up to be for some cars. new research conducted by triple-a found that consumers are wasting money on premium gas that's if their vehicle is designed to run on regular gas. the premium gas the horsepower or fuel economy or reduce emission or clean engines any better than regular gas. and a national survey found 16? million u.s. drivers spent more than $2 million on premium gas when they didn't need to. >> there is an anti-muslim sign outside this minnesota restaurant causing controversy.
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get out" and this was in the wake of the st. cloud mall, and he is expressing his opinion and doesn't want the entire muslim population to leave. >> i'm not talking about the muslim population in general. i'm talking about the extremists. i'm sure there are far more good than there is other race. the reason i didn't put extremists is because i didn't have room on the sign. >> the mayor says he doesn't condone the sign or goes with the values of the town but saying it doesn't break any laws. >> a mind of a prodigy. >> where he is continuing his
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challenges in class. >> tracking the stormy weather moving through the west coast right now. moving through the west coast right now. what you can expect for rest of woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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. >> now for good stuff where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in o is definitely amazing. he's not your typical student. he's making his course work look like child's play. >> gerard: he's a college student. dave crawley introduce us to the boy that could speak sentences when he was just 7 months old. >> nine-year-old will malis is got your average college kid. his father said he was speaking sentences at seven months. >> i would put him in the crib and i would say, go to sleep, go
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>> a greek orthodox priest said his son was good at numbers. >> what is two plus 10. >> 12. >> adding at one and a half and multiplying by two and by five, counting by chinese. >> he gets to a hundred. okay, okay, what else kids you learn. he said i learned the alphabet and he rattles off the word. >> he graduated from penn traford high, but is he overwhelmed by the older students. >> they're usually in the front of the class, so out of sight, out of mind. >> he's able to keep up and he's had as in the course he's taken here, so he's more than excelling in the class. >> cmu has anticipated him for
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astrophysicist. >> it's statistically impossible for there to be no life on any other planet. he has his own concept. >> the reason that the suffers expanding, it's not because of dark energy over gravity but because of gravity. >> will's best friend will be starting a full class load himself here at ccac next year at the ripe old age of 10 father's congregation, learning there is more to the universe, i'm dave crawley. >> wow! amazing story there. we have breaking news into the newsroom now. nbc news has confirm had the federal officials filed charges against a man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey. we're talking about ahmad rahami facing charges of using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing
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he was captured in lyndon, new jersey, following a gun fight with officers. >> marie: back to the good stuff now, where a kind gesture between friends goes viral when he's turned homecoming king and to turn it over to his friend. max said he was crowned king but his friend with cbs palsy and deserves it more. he gave the crown to his friend. >> a galapagos tortoise celebrates his 50th birthday. he was born at the san diego zoo and transported in 2005. he was treated by a cake with watermelons, kiwis and pumpkin. the zoo officials say he loves
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so we feed him breakfast in the morning, which is usually things like a little bit of leaves, fruit and flowers, and then he'll spend the rest of the day having a bit of a [indiscernable] >> sounds like a pretty good life. according to the zoo, there are about 20,000 galapagos tortoises left in the wild and they are the largest in the world and live past 100 years. >> aol texas is doing all he can to make sure he helps others but it's his story that needs telling. officer fisher lost his leg while in iraq after falling 40 feet from a ladder and instead of letting his disability define him, he says he's taking charge and not using it as an excuse. >> i've changed a lot of prospective on what an amputee
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better. >> marie: fisher says he's more than just an officer. he is also a volunteer firefighter and a member of the rescue dive team. fisher says he couldn't imagine every slowing down, even as an amputee. >> gerard: a true inspiration there. here, let's continue this conversation by tweet us at: . >> marie: sometimes you need for than 140 characters to share the bright stories so share with us on facebook by searching for our page. >> gerard: time to see what's ahead on "news 3 live at 5:00," why the experts say the news un230e8ding this week in new york and minnesota is just the new normal. >> and nevada senator harry reid raises his verbal battle with presidential candidate donald trump to a new level.
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could happen if trump is elected president. >> and we have time once again for a forecast from chloe beardsly standing by. our weather authority talking about clouds and possibly some rain today. >> possibly some rain and we're actually tracking activity near the blue diamond area with a ith potential of seeing hours and we'll hang on to cloudy skies later on this evening, but we'll get straight to looking outside. i haven't to remind you guys, when we see cloudy skies like this, that means we get et sunsetings -- sunsets like that. look at. that beautiful photos from the viewers and here's what it looks like outside now, cloudy skies, across the area with sun breaks to the north of us, but overrule, looking at cloudy conditions and seeing high level moisture above las vegas right now, but first, let's talk about the abundant moisture we're seeing from tropical depression payne. you can see it causing a pain
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across southern california and all the way into arizona also seeing thunderstorms pop up there. here's the activity across our area right now, and you can see some light pop-up showers with no rain falling but high bits of moisture and the slight chance of showers can be seen in the next couple of hours and cloudy skies for the rest of evening. here's a look at the radar right now, we're getting a little bit of activity across mostly hot level moisture but don't be surprised if you see some showers in your neighborhood. we're all in the 70s category and winds 10-15 miles an hour through rest of the evening and you can feel the difference outside with relative humidity close to and over 50% in many neighborhoods outside right now check in with a few areas, we're
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boulder city and not too much of an temperature range and mid-70s for southern highlands and upper 70s for lake mead, mid-80s for pahrump and seeing the winds pick up slightly from the south tonight. the showers will clear up in the next few hours, by 5:00, the chances for showers diminish in our area. another chance is back by tomorrow afternoon and things will get unsettled by thursday as low moves in and really kicks up the wind speeds causing critical fire weather, with a fire watch with the relative humidity at 5-15% so looking at really dry conditions and gusty winds and that creates the fire weather and the spread for fire is critical if one does start, so just beware of that, that is on thursday. overnight tonight, looking at cooler temperatures in the upper 60s all across the region, it
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little bit warmer compared to the numbers today, waking up to temperatures in the 70s with the best chances of showers actually expected by tomorrow afternoon. our high, only around 88 degrees, again, with a slight chance of showers expected later on in the day, just a slight cancel and the rest of the workweek, the second storm will not only kick up our wind speeds significantly starting on thursday, officially the first day of fall, but also drying our high temperatures down to the low 80s, a triple digits yesterday. >> marie: pretty amazing how quickly things can change. >> there we go. >> gerard: chloe, thank you very much. feels good. we'll take it. finally, the great pumpkin race in wisconsin, causing massive gords, some as big as 800 pounds into stresses and paddle them down the river for charity,
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>> marie: of course! pretty impressive. i've never seen pumpkin carving like that. >> gerard: some are pretty impressive. >> i have an idea for halloween now. >> costume? >> ever since bruce jenner announced he's now a woman, there is increased attention on lgbt and 500 scientific studies reviewed and concerned over the disproportionate mental health problems on lgbt community and citing more than 200 studies, the psychiatrist delivered these findings. the idea that people are born that way is not support bid scientific evidence. there are no biological factors
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throughout life for some people. non-heterosexuals are about two to three times more likely to have been victims of child sexual abuse and only a minority of children that experience cross gender will see it later in life. none of the findings should prevent lgbt individuals from identifying themselves as they see fit. the entire study is on o site.
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